For a vegan first time visitor, that should hit all the notes:

- Camberwell Arms

- Tofu Vegan


- Jam Delish

- Dom's Subs

Heard good things about Mali Thai and Naifs - not tried yet - next up 🤘

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This is such an incredible write-up. Hugely appreciative of this and happy to have subscribed because of this article alone.

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I always return to Parson's fish restaurant in Covent Garden because it feels like it should be a provincial fish place (the kind you see in Italian coastal towns) instead of its actual location in a touristy part of London. The fish is bloody amazing. I'll never forget the gurnard I ate on my first visit. Top five meals anywhere. Another favourite is Donde Fernando which feels like home (and his daughter has the salon in the same building so you can get your hair done). I also loved Delipan Colombian Bakery & Cafe (glossy pan salchicha= best go snack). Their matter of fact nature appeals.

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Absolutely roared laughing at your London Fields description. Worth the subscription even just for that.

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My first experience as a newcomer to vittles/substack. That was delightful. Hope to hear your takes on North African cooking soon.

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The five restaurants I’d recommend would be Dishoom (cause you have to), one of the Ottolenghis for lunch or an easygoing dinner, a gastropub like Prince Arthur (hot4u) or Plimsoll (four legs), a Turkish ocakbasi, maybe Mangal 1 or Antepliler and a chippy.

I think for tourists visiting London this gives a good taste of what London is offering, not necessarily its best places but its most London places.

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Such a shame that the Hot4u residency is ending soon.

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do you know when?

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29th May

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I’d go for:

1. Dr Noodle (Lewisham Way)

2. Marksman (Hackney Road)

3. Wong Kei for Beef Brisket Noodles (Chinatown)

4. Westerns Laundry (Highbury)

5. As per the Ethiopian principle but my faves are all around N7: Wolkite, Engocha, Kokeb, Lalibella, Queen of Sheba (is 5 in 1 cheating?)

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I would love a list of places that are not necessarily all vegetarian, but where a vegetarian can eat well

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Superb piece too many highlights to mention. I am glad I am not alone in my contempt for the Padella queue.

Rules isn't that tory - a bit old school yes but they also have Brian Silva back at the bar after a brief flirtation with Balathazar, so you have to throw that in too. -But Rules, an institution that backs it up- it wont be for everyone but Their steak and kidney pudding is without fault. A dish as British as they come. Follow the whole stilton and a spoon, and presumably gout.

Incidentally I've not been to Sweetings either - I used to gaze in occasionally and think about going when I was earning enough to afford it. I alwaysfelt too green and fresh from Wales to brave it in any event. Now I'd have no such worries, so Mr Nunn if you ever fancy going let me know I'm keen to go. I've a theory (based on nothing whatsoever) that St John pinched a few ideas from them too.... but after all, all art is theft.

As for top 5's let me come back to you .... the sadly closed Terroirs would have featured.

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My five recommendations for a visitor:

- Zeret Kitchen (Camberwell)

- Franklin’s (East Dulwich)

- Jen Cafe (Chinatown)

- M’Chomo Charcoal Grill (Peckham)

- Morley’s (various)

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I’d definitely add The Plimsoll- four legs pub - young, very London, very fun & always delicious

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As well as many other places along the blackstock road to be honest

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1- Llewelyn’s (does not miss)

2- Arôme

3- Bao Borough

4- Silk Road

5- Chishuru (Haven’t been there yet, just looking for someone to go with)

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1. Ô Gourmet Libanais, SW18 1GY

2. Nopi, W1B 5NE

3. Wild by Tart, SW1W 9AZ

4. Seabird, SE1 8NY

5. Riva, SW13 9HR

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My top 5 for visitors — based around the criteria of getting things you can't get elsewhere/understanding the "soul" of London:

- St John, but just for starters and puddings (whoever says the food at Rochelle is better is wrong, I always leave the latter feeling ripped off).

- 40 Maltby Street, for the other side of Modern-British-Cooking.

- Dishoom: *not* for the food, which is awful, but because it gives you a better insight into how white people view British Asians than almost anything else.

- Bake Street, which gives you a better insight into how brown people view being British Asian than almost anything else.

- Taste of Pakistan on your way back to Heathrow. Pack leftovers for the plane and annoy everyone on your return flight.

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My 5 for visitors would be;

An Ottolenghi

A Hawksmoor

Dumpling Legends


The Wolseley

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Based on where I have taken friends from out of town:

40 Maltby St




My house.

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