We're lucky to have a couple of blackthorn shrubs bordering our garden. I make sloe gin every year, so have a running supply! 🙃

Have you ever tried making haw ketchup? We've shared a recipe on our blog x

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Sounds great! Kate Humble uses chopped hawthorn leaves in place of parsley; several instances can be found via Google. Perhaps it’s that flavour your father liked in his “bread and cheese”?

Curzon Tussaud

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Really useful recipe for hawthorn gin later in the summer - many thanks Seán Hewitt via Vittles!

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3 smells.

May blossom,

old Yorkshire Dales hay in the shed on a wet, still morning

and fritillaries.

Oh dear. Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition.

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A good tip for sloe gin is to not add sugar then after infusing sweeten to taste with sugar syrup, which would presumably work with haws too.

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Summer always has special vibes, beautiful work💙

I have question please, Im having a trouble reaching to my publications dashboard, every time I go to substack. Com, it takes me to the app where I can't write or publish anything

What can I do

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i’m not sure! the easiest thing might be to undownload the app so it doesn’t keep redirecting.

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