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Thanks - excellent piece

Food provenance quality & respect shouldn’t be confined to those consumers with adequate funds time or location, nor should it be for those working hard to provide it.


We all appreciate the can or the package that safely keeps fresh & affordable that which we might not have got or have been able to afford or had the time to prepare


not all jobs of a monotonous nature need to be permanent and can often be temporary stopgaps to allow transition to more rewarding work or education if younger.

If they are though the only alternative at the time, then the following becomes even more important.

thus, with labour now being the more precious commodity than it was (because of covid and Brexit) it is imperative that Employers provide adequate remuneration and development where possible which nourishes the Employee and aids the Employer who then maybe does not need to be distracted by ever increasing staff turnover.

This has always been the case but may be the more now with fewer imported cheaper paid staff (one of those very hard to find brexit pluses perhaps but which of course further pushes up costs and inflation for poorer families in the interim)

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