Food and Cities

Adventures in city foods, production, restaurants and crisis.

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  1. The life-changing magic of cookbooks, by Gemma Croffie

  2. Whose Food City? The Northeastern Restaurants of Humayunpur, by Sharanya Deepak

  3. Hiraeth and hunting for corned beef pasties, by Ross Clarke

  4. A Conquest of Myth, A Conquest of Bread, by Siobhan Watters

  5. The transformative power of gardening, by Clare Finney

  6. Thambili: the king of all coconuts, by Zinara Rathnayake

  7. Out of many, One: Five Black women chefs shifting London’s food culture, by Kat Lopez

  8. Philoxenia: The Greek-Cypriot Community of Palmers Green, by Despina Christodoulou

  9. Reclaiming the City: The foragers of Burgess Park, by Isabelle O’Carroll

  10. How To Destroy The Imperial Food System, by Max Walker

  11. The Pig in the Backyard, by Hester van Hensbergen

  12. Bristol is not a melting pot, by Holly Nash

  13. Glasgow’s Poon Choi and Hong Kong’s Munchy Box, by Sean Wai Keung

  14. The Granville, and other stories of South Kilburn, by Ruby Tandoh

  15. ‘Where is imperialism? Look at your plates’ by Waithera Sebatindira

  16. How not to break up a monopoly, by Paul Crowther

  17. Finding Scouse: The Decline of a Liverpool Stew, by Kirsty Major

  18. Spaghetti in situ: The wonderful world of Asian pasta, by Vincent Vichit-Vadakan

  19. Portsmouth and plantain chips: How the pandemic affected the African food store, by Emmanuella Ngimbi

  20. The Market: Naples, London and Hong Kong, by Jess Fagin, Georgine Leung and Camilla Bell-Davies

  21. Feeding Finsbury Park, by Mia Rafalowicz-Campbell and Abdul Boudiaf

  22. The Story of Mandarin Kitchen, by Ysabella Cheung

  23. Roadside Revolution: The Deep Fried Snacks of Calcutta and Panjim, by Supriya Roychoudhury

  24. The Hyper-Regional Chippy Traditions of Britain and Ireland, by Annie Lord, James Unson, Gabrielle de la Puente, Vanessa Peterson, Tommy Corns, Jonathan Swain, Richard Scott, Steven Young, Yasmin Jaunbocus, Sarah Doorley, Elainea Emmott, Angela Hui, Jessica Beckitt, Mark Comerford, Rose Dymock, Emma Lawrie, Melissa Thompson, Jonathan Nunn, Tom Whyman

  25. The Bourdainification of Food Travel, by Joanna Fuertes

  26. Table Talk, by Kareem Arthur

  27. Neither British nor Chinese: Hong Kong’s Cha Chaan Tengs, by Louise Benson

  28. A Christmas Vittles, by Leah Cowan