A series of essays exploring hyper-regional foods, traditions and culinary neuroses.

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  1. Le Bouillon de Noailles, by Frank L’Opez

  2. Italy isn’t Eataly, by Sean Wyer

  3. All Too Much: The Absurdity of the Tandoori Momo, by Sharanya Deepak

  4. Preserving the Glut: Rakfisk, The New Nordic and Grandiosa Pizza, by Jan-Peter Westad

  5. The WhatsApp Auntiepreneurs, by Diya Mukherjee

  6. By Thames: The Hidden Food of Essex, by Ruby Tandoh

  7. Spicy Things, Crunchy Things, by Saba Imtiaz

  8. Always Coming Home: The Pleasures and Challenges of Writing Fictional Food, by Eli Lee

  9. No Caul For Them These Days, by Matt O’Callaghan

  10. The Food of Suburban Shopping Centres, by Clare Finney, Jonathan Nunn, Helen Bowie, Hannah Caesar, Molly Pepper Steemson, and Kashif Sharma-Patel

  11. The Match Day Ritual, by Calum Gordon, Richard Scott, Hugh Morris, Aaron Vallance, Craig Ballinger, Joanna Luck, James Rhys, Ben Barskey, Anna Tobias and Sam Parry

  12. The Dal Directory, by Meher Varma

  13. Scotland, stop selling yourself shortbread! by Robbie Armstrong

  14. Yugonostalgic Cuisine, by Natasha Tripney

  15. The English Food Store, by Huw Lemmey

  16. Yum Tong, Eat Bitterness, by Angela Hui

  17. Gallinejas and Entresijos: The Melancholic Mesentery of Madrid, by Abbas Asaria

  18. A tour of Britain’s regional chain bakeries, by Gus Lobban

  19. Adopted Food, by Feroz Gajia, Yvonne Maxwell, Jesse Bernard, and Tom Victor

  20. Goa’s Daily Bread, by Vivek Menezes

  21. One Hundred Varieties of Soup, by CookClimbCode