The Pandemic

Vittles’ first ever season, documenting the time we’d all rather forget.

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Season 1 — The Pandemic

  1. Two recipes for neglected ingredients, by Coco Kwok

  2. The compilation of the compilations

  3. The Sounds of the Apocalypse, by George Reynolds

  4. Turkish Supermarkets, by Panayiota Soutis

  5. Can I Offer You A Snack In These Trying Times? by multiple authors

  6. Greggs, Spoons and Unions, by Anonymous

  7. Brixton Market in a Bowl, by Tim Anderson

  8. The Ultimate Guide to the Polski Sklep, by Marta Zboralska

  9. Fermenting With Dame Thom Eagle 1, by Thom Eagle

  10. Samosas: An illicit love affair, by Sharan Dhaliwal

  11. The Lenten Food of Armenia, by Jack Fargher

  12. Beyond Ramdon: 1001 Things to do with Instant Noodles, by Feroz Gajia

  13. A Big Bag of Cans, by Georgine Leung and Guan Chua

  14. Eat, Knead, Fail, Repeat: Handrolling With The Nonnas, by Charley Samuelson

  15. In Defence of Lumpy Brown Soup, by Alex Jackson

  16. What we can all learn from carrot soufflé, by Travis Mager

  17. Fermenting With Dame Them Eagle 2, by Thom Eagle

  18. Two Versions of Brunch, by Feroz Gajia and Matt Burgess

  19. Don’t Call Us Heroes: Life on a Production Line, by Angry Workers

  20. Latin American Supermarkets, by Marie Anne Benavente

  21. Shopping While Vulnerable, by Nikky Catto

  22. A Solitary Easter Celebration, by Loukia Constantinou

  23. Balkan Supermarkets, by Ada Jusic

  24. Personal Cooking, by George Reynolds

  25. Delivery Apps, by Michelle Meagher

  26. Supply Chains, by Devak Mehta

  27. Fermenting With Dame Thom Eagle 3, by Thom Eagle

  28. Making Doufu Hua, by Nina Mingya Powles

  29. Economy Rice by Mandy Yin

  30. Instant Rice, by Mehrunnisa Yusuf

  31. Brazilian Supermarkets, by Tomé Morrissy Swan

  32. Foraging 1, by Rich Baker

  33. Restaurant Cooking vs Home Cooking, by Sam Wydymus

  34. Plantain, by Yvonne Maxwell

  35. Save Latin Village, by Jamie Huxley

  36. Four Versions of Ramadan, by Ali Perkasa, Saffina Jinnah, Adejoke Adeboyejo, and Iqra Chaudhry

  37. The Food of Care Homes, by Ruby Tandoh

  38. Parental Cooking, by Jessica Wang

  39. Bobor, by Madévi Dailly

  40. Borough Market, by Matt O’Callaghan

  41. An Adobo of Forking Paths, by Mark Corbyn

  42. Preserving Food, by Max Jones

  43. Cocktails at Home, by Felix Cohen

  44. Mangoes, by Apoorva Sripathi

  45. London’s Nigerian Food Shops, by Emeka Frederick

  46. Black Erasure in the British Food Industry, by Melissa Thompson

  47. Tortillas, by Hannah Thorne

  48. The Restaurant ‘Industry’, by Pamela Brunton

  49. Foraging 2, by Rich Baker

  50. The Diversity of Caribbean Cuisines, by Keshia Sakarah

  51. Nationalise Food, by Lisa Haseldine

  52. Halloumi, by Jenny Linford

  53. Cull Yaw, by Jeremy Chan

  54. Fermenting with Dame Thom Eagle 4, by Thom Eagle

  55. Zongzi, by Jenny Lau

  56. Pivoting, by Jack Faulkner

  57. Sambal, by Lara Lee

  58. The Labour of Cooking, by Lindsey Danis

  59. Rice Cookers, by The Picky Glutton

  60. Nostalgia, by Emma Gibbins

  61. Eating Disorders, by Georgia Bronte, Marie-Henriette Desmoures and Dan Gibbon-Walsh

  62. Personal Food Systems, by Hester van Hensbergen

  63. Solidarity, by Dr. Anna Sulan Masing

  64. Jewish Foodways in London, by Mia Rafalowicz-Campbell and Leeor Ohayon

  65. Pubs and Community, by Matthew Curtis

  66. On McDonald’s and Evil, by Mic Wright

  67. Hospitality, by Bella Saltiel

  68. Persian Supermarkets, by Amira Arasteh

  69. The Lunch Break, by Jamie Parkinson

  70. Barbecue not Bro-becue, by Helen Graves

  71. Time is Time, by Catherine Hughes, Kate Ng and Zhenya Tsenzharyk

  72. Two East African-Asian Recipes, by Samir Jeraj and Abbas Asaria

  73. Pupusas, by Adelina Bonilla

  74. Yaji, by Adejoke Bakare